ArtYard’s performance and film programs consist of live events and communal engagements that take place in and beyond our theatre, including film screenings, poetry, music, performance, storytelling events and our biennial Hatch!

Communal Events

Hatch and Crankies are two of ArtYard’s signature communal events. Learn more below.


ArtYard’s poetry program consists of readings, workshops, poetry-on-the-spot improvisations, outdoor installations, ArtYard-designed “Poetry Confessionals,” and symposia.

ArtYard’s live poetry program pairs a nationally recognized poet and a local poet for public readings curated by Stephanie Smith. ArtYard has presented readings and installations featuring poets Ross Gay, Aracelis Girmay, Patrick Rosal, Gabriella Calvocoressi, Jericho Brown, and Toi Derricotte. Local collaborating poets have included Hayden Saunier, John Smith, and former Frenchtown Mayor Warren Cooper.

Remember, Green's Your Color. You are Spring
April 10, 2021
A public installation that offers a reflection on this past year of loss and the prospect for renewal.
Tearing It Down is a Love Song
Dec 1, 2020—Mar 31, 2021
A public installation featuring poetry by Pulitzer Prize winner Jericho Brown and Whiting Award Winner Aracelis Girmay.
Poetry Confessional
October 1, 2018
An ArtYard invention, the Poetry Confessional was a space where a person could sit down and tell a story to a local poet who was listening on the other side and who would make a short poem from what was shared.
Intensive Poetry Workshop with Ross Gay
January 31—February 3, 2019
An Intensive Residential Workshop which offered students of poetry a rare opportunity to work closely with Ross Gay in a workshop-style format.
Poetry Reading with Toi Derricotte and Hayden Saunier
November 2, 2019
Live poetry reading with award winning poet Toi Dericcotte, and Hayden Saunier, the Poet Laureate of Bucks County.


The ArtYard film program, known as FilmYard, was spearheaded and curated until 2020 by producer Bill Horberg. The film program is now curated in-house or by guest curators, and focuses on films that complement the art exhibition program by helping to illuminate the creative process, spotlighting under-recognized films and directors.


Live Performance

ArtYard offers a diverse range of live programming, from powerful original plays and raucous political circus to dance performance, as well as a vast array of musical genres including world music, opera, jazz improvisation  and ragtime.

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