How do I show my art or perform at ArtYard?

ArtYard does not currently accept unsolicited submissions for exhibitions or programming.

Can I use the theater space to showcase my work?

ArtYard does not currently have any open calls for programming in our theater and it is not likely that we will have open calls in the near future. You are welcome to send a sample of your work to and we will keep the information on file. These submissions will not receive a formal response.

Can I apply to ArtYard's Residency Program or rent its buildings for a retreat?

At this time, the Residency Program is by invitation only.

The Artist Residency buildings serve four key functions:

1)  Residency Program: The residency buildings, at 50 Trenton Avenue and 12 Bridge Street, provide housing and studio space for artists invited to participate in our Residency Program. During the formal residency program artists (individually or in collaborative groups) incubate new works or refine works nearing completion.

2)  Residential Workshops: From time-to-time ArtYard will host intensive residential workshops whereby communal gathering is encouraged or required as part of the workshop. In these cases, we utilize the residency buildings to offer low or no-cost housing to residential workshop participants.

3)  Host Visiting Curators or Artists: ArtYard works very collaboratively with both our curators and participating artists. As such, it is common for curators or artists to visit ArtYard several times during the development of an exhibition, the planning of a workshop series, or to iron out the details of a commissioned work.  During these times, the residency buildings provide a sacred space for work, gathering and rest.

4)  Retreat: On the rare occasions when the residency buildings are not otherwise occupied, ArtYard may choose to host an artist or non-profit peer organization in need of a “retreat” or sacred space to regroup and recharge.

Does ArtYard rent its gallery spaces and theater for special events, weddings, fundraisers?
What is ArtYard's Covid-19 policy?

Mc Donnell Theater

Face masks covering the nose are required at all times during performances at the McDonnell Theater.


Visitors to ArtYard’s exhibition space during open gallery hours (11 AM to 5 PM Wednesday through Sunday) are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Is ArtYard a smoke-free campus?

To protect the health, safety, and comfort of clients, employees, customers, and visitors of ArtYard, our entire campus is smoke-free. Smoking is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Smoking and secondhand smoke are known causes of lung disease, heart disease and cancer. ArtYard recognizes the hazards caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. No use of tobacco products, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and electronic cigarettes, is permitted within the facilities or on the property of ArtYard at any time. “Property” means the organization’s facilities “curb to curb,” including offices, grounds, adjacent sidewalks, parking lots/ramps, company owned vehicles, and employee vehicles parked on owned or leased property.

What is ArtYard’s ticket policy?

Tickets are valid only for the event, date, time, and seat indicated. Tickets purchased over the phone and online are subject to handling charges. Tickets purchased at the box office may also be subject to fees. Tickets are not refundable unless the performance is canceled by ArtYard. Artists, dates, times, venues and programs are subject to change.

What is ArtYard’s cancellation policy?

ArtYard will make every effort within its power to ensure that a scheduled event is held as planned. In the rare event that ArtYard cancels a performance for any reason, every effort will be made to notify ticket holders as soon as possible. ArtYard will endeavor to reschedule any cancelled event and ticket holders will be entitled to use the original ticket for the new date/time. In the event the ticket holder is not able to attend the event on the rescheduled date, the ticket may be transferred to another individual.

What is ArtYard’s refund policy?

ArtYard does not offer refunds on ticket purchases. Tickets can only be exchanged 12 hours before the advertised start time of the ticketed performance and only for a different performance of the same show, if one exists.

What is ArtYard’s audio/video recording policy?

The use of audio, video, camera or recording devices of any type is not permitted inside the theater and/or during performances regardless of venue. Such activity may be a violation of copyright laws. Anyone who violates the recording policy may be asked to leave the event, theater, and/or building. Further, ArtYard often chooses to hire a professional photographer, videographer or sound engineer to capture and officially document its programs. Attempts by patrons or others to capture the same have negatively impacted the quality of our internal documentation efforts; therefore no external recording of any kind is allowed within ArtYard venues or at ArtYard-sponsored events unless previously requested and approved in writing.

What is ArtYard’s dress code?

ArtYard does not have a formal dress code policy for patrons. We do however encourage individuals to dress in layers as we typically keep the inside temperatures on the cooler side for the comfort of the artists and performers.

What is ArtYard’s food policy?

Food is not permitted inside the gallery or theater. Beverages may be permitted for certain performances.

What is ArtYard’s policy on luggage & bags?

Backpacks, suitcases and bags (excluding handbags) may not be taken into the gallery or theater. They must be left at coat check, or when coat check is not open, with house management. Items may be checked free of charge. ArtYard reserves the right to inspect backpacks, suitcases and bags when being checked. In some instances, ArtYard may require the inspection of all handbags and cases at point-of-entry to the gallery and/or theater lobbies.

What is ArtYard’s seating & late arrival policy?

Patrons not in their seat at the start of a performance or who exit a performance may be subject to a delayed entrance. In some instances, delayed seating may not take place until intermission. Late seating times are established by each artist working with our house management staff.

What is ArtYard’s policy on mobile phones & devices?

As a courtesy to both the artists and other audience members, please silence cell phones and messaging devices and refrain from electronic communication at all times during performances.

What is ArtYard's consent policy for photography and filming?