Ngena Hohn

Assistant to the Executive Director

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ngena Hohn began working for a nonprofit community center for immigrant families at 16. There she found a love of community building through education and art. She has gone from working in education and community programming to midwifery to finding her home with the arts and ArtYard.

As a college student, Ngena began working as a doula and office administrator for a small midwifery practice. She found that her skills lie in building relationships and providing empathy and support. She returned to the nonprofit sector with the philosophy that building community and being in conversation with others was her top priority. She has worked to use art to ensure that those who live in our communities find representation and empowerment.

Ngena loves to explore new modes of self-expression. She volunteers for a sustainable fashion company, creates art of her own, and loves yoga.