ArtYard is excited to announce that interdisciplinary artist Sebastienne Mundheim, founder of Philadelphia-based White Box Theatre, will be in residence this October creating a performance inspired by the story of social activist, self-taught engineer, and ark-builder Kea Tawana. Mundheim will offer a series of interdisciplinary performance workshop intensives between October 9 and 29, engaging the community in story-writing, object-making, and movement.

Mundheim is a performance-maker, installation artist, and educator with more than 30 years of experience in interdisciplinary arts and arts education. Her work integrates visual installation, puppetry, storytelling, dance, and theater. She collaborates with museums, universities, theatre companies, dance troupes, community groups, and schools, and has created work with many cultural organizations nationally and internationally, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Vermont Performance Lab, MASS MoCA, and the Irish Ministry of Arts and Culture.

Each workshop will introduce Mundheim’s creation process, offer opportunities in writing, building and movement, and potentially contribute to the final performance work in May 2023.

Workshop series overview:

  • Biographic Portraiture: 1 to 4 PM on Sunday, Oct. 9. An optional second session is 5 to 8 PM on Monday, Oct. 10.
  • Materials and Movement: 5 to 8:30 PM on Tuesday, Oct. 11, Wednesday Oct. 12, & Thursday, Oct. 13. During this three-day workshop, participants will make objects and experiment with how those objects move.
  • Puttin’ it Together: 3 to 8 PM on Tuesday, Oct. 25, Wednesday, Oct. 26, and Thursday, Oct. 27. A three-day interdisciplinary storytelling performance workshop, integrating discoveries generated in the writing, making, and movement workshops.

Workshops will be limited to small groups. We encourage all levels of experience. You may register for as many of the three workshops as you like. If you do register for the three-day workshop, we hope that you will attend all sessions.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 908-996-5018.

[Portrait at top by Theresa Stigale]


Kea Tawana, a Newark-based social activist, self-taught engineer, and ark-builder who was also a time traveler, packrat, sawed-off shotgun-wielding archivist. Starting in 1982, Tawana built an 86-foot-long, three-story high ship from salvaged wood, stained glass, and other materials from abandoned buildings in the city’s Central Ward on an unfinished lot. For more on Kea Tawana, we encourage you to visit Gallery Aferro’s website.