Lance Weiler / Where There’s Smoke

Apr 10—May 31, 2023

Lance Weiler is a storyteller, emerging media artist, entrepreneur, and thought leader working in film, theatre, games, and code. An alumnus of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, Lance is recognized as a pioneer because of the way he mixes storytelling and technology. For over 20 years he’s been innovating at the forefront of entertainment – leading the industry into the digital age.

Lance and his team, including producer Peter English, are in residence this spring in the leadup to the opening of Where There’s Smoke.


Where There’s Smoke

March to May 2023

The Where There’s Smoke project team will be in residence to test new technology that will be part of the exhibition and invite the community into their process by hosting playtests. Participants attending the playtests, March through May, provided feedback that allows Lance to refine the immersive nature of the story.

In Where There’s Smoke, storytelling pioneer Lance Weiler unravels the secrets of his enigmatic father — a volunteer firefighter and amateur fire scene photographer — and two devastating fires that struck the Weiler family.