The Beatbox House

Apr 1—6, 2024

The Beatbox House is a collective of world-champion beatboxers including Amit Bhowmick, Chris Celiz, Neil “NaPoM” Meadows, Gene Shinozaki, and Kenny Urban. Beatboxing is growing into a global phenomenon branching out from its hip-hop roots.

Through education, performance, and collaboration, the collective is rebranding the art as a new form of music, pushing the boundaries of the possibilities of the human voice. They were recently featured in the New York Times and represented the U.S. State Department with a tour of Indonesia and Singapore through the storied American Music Abroad Program. For one night only, learn more about this growing art form and these pioneering artists.

Performance Residency

April 2024

The Beatbox House is in residence at ArtYard in partnership with Works & Process LaunchPAD “Process as Destination” to develop their new work, The History of the Beatbox House.