Slovo. Theater Group

Oct 30—Nov 8, 2022

Slovo Theater Group is a group of Ukrainian and American actors and directors in a unique artistic residency dedicated to increasing the visibility of Ukrainian culture in the United States and stimulating dialogue between Ukrainians and Americans.

Formed in Pittsburgh in August following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Slovo. Theater Group is Audrey Rose Degez, Lilia Degez, Daria Holovchanska, Yuliia Linnik, Maksym Panchenko, Veronika Shuster, and Olesia Zakharova.



Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, 2022

Slovo. Theater Group was in residence incubating Mothermotherland, inspired by Mykola Khyvylovy’s 1924 novella “I am (a Romantic). Slovo Theatre Group presented two performances which were followed by an artist discussion, offering the opportunity to discuss theater in translation, Ukrainian cultural heritage, and the current movement of Ukrainian artist-activists.