Creative People for Peace

Dec 14, 2023—Jan 8, 2024

Creative People for Peace (CP4P) develops and tours new, original theatrical works with artists from cultures in crisis due to political conflict and/or ecological disasters. In all aspects of their work, CP4P  seeks to engage refugee communities, from offering trauma-informed storytelling workshops and masterclasses to providing sliding scale or free admission to performances and hiring directly from the refugee community.

CP4P’s most recent project was Slovo. Theater Group, a unique artistic residency founded in April 2022 to promote Ukrainian culture abroad that included founder Audrey Rose Degez and four actresses from Kharkiv, Ukraine.


I will dance with those oak trees as long as

Creative People for Peace will be in residence to develop and present their new work, I will dance with those oak trees as long as.

Inspired by the culture of the Kurdistan region in Turkey, this performance takes us on a poetic voyage into the life of the minority group from the mountains, a life which took its shape from endless oppression. Carpets, looms, tea kettles and strings create a landscape in which three women embody being separated from the ones and the places they love and what this separation can do to the human heart. Accompanied by modern takes on traditional Kurdish music, this international group of performers shares the experiences of many like the threads woven into a beautiful global tapestry through poetry and movement.