Brianna Kalisch

Aug 6—20, 2023

Brianna Kalisch is a working actor, circus artist, custom costume designer, and generative artist aiming to make and share stories that connect people.

Brianna will be in residence this summer incubating (IN)TANGIBLE, a dramatic circus-play.



August 2023

Brianna Kalisch will be in residence this summer to incubate (IN)TANGIBLE, a dramatic circus-play about a woman visited by her children and memories in a story of love and dementia. She is joined by director Felicity Hesed, composing team Ruby Fulton, and Allison Clendaniel, and an ensemble of actors/circus artists to workshop this project. The residency gives the opportunity to explore the nuance of combining different artistic disciplines and how dialogue, music, and circus can all intertwine to tell a heartfelt story.