A series of short films about springing back,
created in 10 days, using paper, wire, and water.

How do we imagine new worlds from confined spaces? How do we help manifest those worlds with the tools we have on hand? How might we re-emerge and what might we bring with us that has been gathered, tended to, and sprouted during this moment of unseasonal dormancy?

 ArtYard is pleased to present Re/Bound: A Virtual Presentation of Short Object-Performance Films, featuring original works by Andrew Murdock, Rourou Ye, Robin Frohardt, and Hyung Seok Jeon,  who straddle the disciplines of live performance, puppetry, and film. The artists were invited to create a 2-3 minute short film inspired by the notion of springing back, incorporating and transforming a set of three basic materials (paper, wire, and water), that all of the artists had on hand while sheltering-in-place. The artists were invited to show the vast potential that exists in simple materials, and the ability to use these materials as building blocks or keyholes to envision new, imagined (micro)worlds, with a time constraint of 10 days to create and film these original, new works.  

 Their short films will be released one at a time over the course of July, premiering on ArtYard’s website and Instagram account, on Thursday, July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th, and July 23rd.

During the recent period of isolation and uncertainty, it was necessary to adapt our every day to a persistent stillness. But now, in this new phase of transition, we look ahead with a found energy, and imagine ourselves and our world springing anew– what does this motion look like? How will this release or rebound manifest, ways big or small, individually or collectively?

“People and trees are caught in irreversible histories of disturbance. But some kinds of disturbance have been followed by regrowth of a sort that nurtures many lives… despite all insults, resurgence has not yet ceased.” –  Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins


Using techniques in puppetry, Amass explores loss, loneliness, and the fragile human psyche in the wake of Covid-19.


Rouou Ye’s exploration of the materials leads her to discover how the three elements move, interact with, and learn from her body to reveal a hidden language.


Featuring highly detailed construction, Robin Frohardt takes us into the weeds to offer a reflection on endurance in a relentless world.

Examining the parallel movements of the interior and the exterior, Hyung Seok Jeon provides a meditation on where, or how, or if, these worlds intersect.


Sarah Finn is an interdisciplinary theatre maker and writer, and the Communications & Program Coordinator at ArtYard.  Her created work is highly physical and collaborative, with elements of clown, absurd dialogue and collaged media. Her work has been seen internationally at the 2019 Prague Fringe Festival and the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival in Stolzenhagen, Germany; as well as various venues and Festivals across New York City. In 2019, she was a resident artist at the Barn Arts Collective as well as The Cannery, and in 2018, she was shortlisted for The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers for her play, In the woods where the men work. She is co-mother of the zine, HOT ROT, with Eulalia Zigman, and her latest project, TRASHBOT, a video-installation in collaboration with Aysha Hamouda and Garvis-Giovanni Deval, will premiere virtually at the Philadelphia Fringe in Fall 2020. She graduated with her BA in Theatre and Literature from Sarah Lawrence College and completed the two-year conservatory training at Ecole Internationale de Jacques Lecoq. www.sarahkfinn.com.

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