Order of Everyday Humans

Distinguished Medals Project

ArtYard is pleased to announce our artistic intervention, the Order of Everyday Humans Distinguished Medals ProjectYou are cordially invited to create a medal honoring whomever (or whatever)  you feel moved to express gratitude to at this moment: your grocery bagger, delivery driver, medical personnel, DJ, dance instructor, poet, beloved book, favorite vegetable, cookie recipe, song, movie, toothbrush, friend…

Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions via email. We invite you to continue this project by sharing your medals on Instagram with the hashtag #orderofeverydayhumans and tagging us @artyardcenter. Learn more below:


Create a medal (or many medals) out of cardboard, paper, metal, wood, found objects, or any other media. Your imagination is the limit. Here is this link for inspiration.

Post pictures of the medal(s) on your own Instagram using the hashtag #orderofeverydayhumans. Please tag us at @artyardcenter. ⁣

In your post, include:

The title of the honor (ex: Heroism in Pandemic Combat Zone)
And a brief description of the recipient of the medal and the reason for the honor⁣

We will be posting a selection of medals on our Instagram feed and this page.

Please note: this is not a call for antique or collected medals, but rather medals conceived and created at this time. If you’re interested in submitting found objects, please visit our Imaginary Museum of Obscure Objects.

ArtYard reserves the right to use any image submitted to the Order of Everyday Humans on social media platforms, our website, and future printed materials.


This project is inspired by the medals Jill Kearney’s father made for her mother during their 61 year-long marriage. A sculptor, jeweler, and veteran, John Kearney came back from World War II with a handful of medals representing his service as the pilot of an amphibious landing craft during the battles of Saipan and Tinian. After his marriage to Marilyn (Lynn) Haigh in 1952, he began acknowledging  Lynn with handcrafted medals honoring her contributions,   injuries, and idiosyncrasies.
Lynn & John in the studio
Lynn wearing John Kearney’s medals


Broken leg
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Mom broke her leg skiing shortly after she met Dad.
She had a temper
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Something happened involving a damaged vehicle and ensuing acrimony. Mom was in general crankier than Dad. You had to push him pretty far for him to lose his temper. But since he conferred this medal on her, I imagine it is an apology of sorts: maybe he had a few too many beers and drove the car into a ditch?  But I’m guessing. Someone lost their temper, and someone deserved a medal.
Ker cake
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: All I remember about this is Dad saying, “Remember that time you made a cake that tasted like kerosine?”
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Mom was the cook in the family. Except for one time when Dad took a Chinese cooking class, I have no recollection of Dad cooking. He was very appreciative of her efforts. He complimented her after every meal. I realized later in life that Mom was not a world class chef, mostly because she was extremely thrifty by training and necessity. So we had Velveeta cheese and saltines for hors d’oeuvres. But while I was growing up I thought she was a great cook, and so did he.
Snitz Champ
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: For my entire childhood, we spent three months every summer in Provincetown on Cape Cod. This meant packing up the car and a trailer full of welding tanks and supplies and driving 1100 miles for two days from Chicago to Provincetown, much of it with two small children bouncing around without seat belts in the back.  The radio rarely had reception and there was nothing to do except count horses. I think my father invented this game, but he may have learned it elsewhere. The first person to see a  horse yelled “Snitz,” or “Yitz” depending on the color. If you said it first you got the points. Whoever had the most points when we pulled into Ptown won the game. 
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: I think Mom pricked her finger on a beach plum thorn while making beach plum jelly.
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Valentines Day was a big day in our house. We all made handmade valentines and Mom put out a display of antique pop-up cards from her grandmother. I loved reading the inscriptions in that sort of penmanship that was mesmerizing and artful and had long since disappeared.
Mother to be
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: I think Dad made this when mom was expecting my brother Dan.
Weaving skills
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Mom was a weaver. We had several looms in the house and those big pointy yarn cones that smelled of mothballs. Her weavings were very mid-century modern: shaggy bean shapes and triangles. I think he made this after she entered a weaving competition.
Medal by John Kearney. From Jill: Mom told me Dad made this for her after she sliced her hand open while trying to cut a block of frozen spinach in two. This story made sense to me at the time but now I wonder, why was she cutting a block of frozen spinach in two?


Magical Management General

Submitted by Eric Fiorito

 To Kandy Ferree for continued efforts in Herculean Organization, Team Finesse and Efficacy, Unbridled Diplomacy and Consideration to All, Displaying Knowledge and Appreciation of the Moving Parts of the Universe, Taking Time for Self-Care and Family, Making it look Effortless All while Supervising the Construction of a Huge Building!  

The Warrior of Beauty

Submitted by Eric Fiorito

I present this medal to Jill Kearney for continued efforts in the preservation and perseverance of contemporary art, the hunt for new and exciting forms of expression, the commitment to community, exhibiting grace, and whimsey while daily asking the question “What is the role of art at this moment?”

Incredible Dedication to Women’s Health Care

Submitted by Bethann Morgan

A medal for our Center Manager, Melissa Frost, for her outstanding work creating a drive through birth control injection clinic for our clients who otherwise would be without needed protection during this pandemic.

Volunteers in India

Submitted by Janaki Lele

 This medal is dedicated to the volunteers in India who stepped up to the current situation and stepped out to provide food to the daily wage workers, migrant laborers, and other poor people who found themselves deprived of their income due to the total lockdown. We have been routinely applauding the health care workers and the police for their efforts towards fighting this pandemic but I feel that the volunteer workers don’t get enough recognition for the work they have been doing. They dug deep into their pockets and their hearts and risked their lives for a very very humble and humane cause. Bravo!

Thanks to Words

Submitted by Montípora

 Writing is my biggest treasure, the place where I can be myself with all my ghosts. Words are saving me more than ever. During this quarantine I’ve been writing and reading every day, I’ve discovered several great authors and I’ve realized that I have the potential to write as a job. Also, I’ve been sharing with others all the good advice that I’ve found to become a writer. Thanks to words because they are helping me to connect with other people and express myself.

Medal of Distinguished Diversion

Submitted by Beth Atkinson
Conferred upon those who spend quality time with their families playing games. Today I present this to my family Brian Atkinson, Alex Atkinson, Lauren Atkinson, and Heloise Kriel, and thank them for all the fun we have had playing games together during the quarantine.

Happy Mother's Day to Mom with LOVE!

Submitted by Patrick O’Grady

My mother passed away at the age of 87 in March of 2018. This medal is to honor her memory and legacy as the BEST Mother in the world and to thank her for being our angel here on Earth. We were all so blessed to have her in our lives and we will miss her smile and beautiful spirit forever!

Superior Homeland Security & Hospitality During Pandemic

Submitted by Beverly Ann Moore (BAM)

Recipient – Brian Coats (Man of the House).

Reason – He has continually kept the home safe &  hospitable 24/7 while Sheltering In Place (SIP).

Best Person to Travel & Shelter With

Submitted by Carol Kalil

Kent Nash is my “Best Person to Travel & Shelter With”.  I love that Kent plans our next adventure and debates if the toilet paper amounts purchased was just – with the same balanced elegance.

For the defender of the Sacred Starter

Submitted by Jack Ravi

“This medal is for my friend Anna who gifted me her 10-year-old sourdough starter last October. Bread making is now a weekly tasty joy.”

For all the Tumour Fighters

Submitted by Jack Ravi

“This medal is for a dear someone fighting with brain cancer while trying to battle COVID-10.”

For all the Unwedded Couples

Submitted by Jack Ravi

This medal honours all the couples that have had to cancel or postpone their happiest day due to a global pandemic. Your day will come.

Safely Sailing the Seas

Submitted by MC DeMarco

For all those cruise ship crews who took care of passengers, many of whom are still stranded at sea.

Medal- Distinguished Leadership in Video Communication

Submitted by Beth Atkinson

This medal is awarded to all those who have continued to connect numerous individuals who have no other contact with the outside world during the Covid-19 Pandemic and provide them with emotional, educational, and technological support. In specific I would like to honor Michelle Schroeder and Alyssa Lindstrom as well as all of the educators throughout the world.


Submitted by Ron Lent

A “non-medal” awarded to those in power that sit idly by.

Appreciation for Spring 1

Submitted by Clare Jusdanis.

This medal is a simple thank you and honor to Spring. Especially now during quarantine, people are left with more free time on their hands without much to do. Instead of being stuck indoors, Spring has come at the perfect time for people to fully enjoy the weather and the new forms of life it brings. This medal was created all-naturally (besides adhesive), using only the leaves and flowers spring has brought.

Appreciation for Spring 2

Submitted by Clare Jusdanis.

This medal is a simple thank you and honor to Spring. Especially now during quarantine, people are left with more free time on their hands without much to do. Instead of being stuck indoors, Spring has come at the perfect time for people to fully enjoy the weather and the new forms of life it brings. This medal was created all-naturally (besides adhesive), using only the leaves and flowers spring has brought.

Appreciation for Spring 3

Submitted by Clare Jusdanis.

This medal is a simple thank you and honor to Spring. Especially now during quarantine, people are left with more free time on their hands without much to do. Instead of being stuck indoors, Spring has come at the perfect time for people to fully enjoy the weather and the new forms of life it brings. This medal was created all-naturally (besides adhesive), using only the leaves and flowers spring has brought.

Magical Distance Storyteller

Submitted by Heather Michel Riddle
Recipient: Debora Michel AKA “the Grandma” for being the most magical, animated, humorous, consistent storyteller and story reader across thousands of miles! @deboramichel9188

To My Courageous Therapist Colleagues

Submitted by Camille Cunningham

It’s been a hard transition from seeing my lovely clients in the office to conducting therapy sessions online. My dogs bark, facial expressions freeze, or the call gets dropped. I pray my expression isn’t too weird when that happens!  It’s hard to be attuned. I’m grateful to have this option because it means I can continue to work and see clients.

#1 Lover of Trees + Flower

Submitted by Kate Lambdin

To Stephen McDonnell.

The Sane and Silent Forest

Submitted by Hannah Prokop

This medal is awarded to the forest surrounding Baker Creek for its invaluable services as a place of peace and quiet as well as enjoyment. Especially throughout this period of quarantine, the forest has acted as a source of inspiration to artists, scientists, birdwatchers and hobbyists alike. We would do well to remember it as we go back to our ordinary lives in the coming months.

To Resilient Clients

Submitted by Camille Cunningham

Most of my adult and teen clients suffer from traumatic life experiences. They work diligently to resolve them. It’s harder now with Covid-19. Some have lost jobs or relationships have ended. I do my best to remind them there is still beauty in the world.

To the Navajo Nation People

Submitted by Camille Cunningham

The Navajo Nation in New Mexico & Arizona has been tremendously impacted by Covid-19. They have not received federal stimulus money yet. I haven’t heard from my Navajo client. She’s raising 4 children (two adopted), works, is in college, and cares for her husband, a veteran with PTSD. I hope she’s safe.

The Royal Stitchery Commendation

Submitted by Beth Atkinson

This medal is for all those who have given of themselves to spend countless hours sewing protective masks for those who need them during the Covid-19 pandemic. I would especially like to honor Monica Schor, Kirk Larsen, Genevieve Jezick, Cindy Wells, Mary Brodersen, and Dianne Knapp for all of their hard work.

Vegetable Rescuer

Made by Chris Mundy
Chris Mundy’s Facebook
Commissioned by Jill Kearney

In recognition of Rolling Harvest Food Rescue’s founder, Cathy Snyder, who pioneered a system of volunteer gleaning and distribution of surplus vegetables through a network of free farmers markets for local food insecure populations.

Ever Caring Angel

Submitted by Linnie Greenberg

Daughter Izzi — best mom and advocate for all people.

Strong Navigator Award

Submitted by Chris Mundy
Chris Mundy’s Facebook

To Laura Pointon, for helping the small businesses of Frenchtown navigate the stormy seas of government loans and grants during the Pandemic!

Working Mothers Medal

Submitted by Arlene Shulman

To my daughter Ariana and all the other moms carrying a huge load right now and always. In addition to work, homeschooling, cooking three meals a day, and a million other responsibilities.

Mother of Invention

Submitted by Kearney McDonnell

To Elsa Mora, Mother of Invention, for resilience, courage, kindness, and devotion to being Diego’s Mother through joyful and difficult times!


Submitted by Samantha Kearney

This medal honors Judy Erickson’s vigilance and boosterism, which she generously exercises to keep Kearneys (mostly) on task. Thanks, Mom.


Submitted by Pat Messina

I would honor my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother for their mentorship.

Significance: The owl belonged to my mother. She loved owls and thought them wise. My mother was not known for her common sense, so I enjoyed this cheeky contrast. The button is from my great grandmother’s sewing kit. I adored her open spirit, her sense of humor, and loving heart so very much. Both of these items appear to be carved from ivory. The little love note is from a recent letter from my grandmother, who has always mentored me. She is 97 and still kicking and full of angsty vigor. Where would we be without those who’ve both lifted and grounded us?


Submitted by Hannah Pacitti

For my mother, who has shown nothing but love and support throughout my life as I struggled with mental health issues.

Your Favorite Mug

Submitted by Sarah Duff

My medal is dedicated to the mug I use every morning (it has owls on it) and the idea of a favorite drinking vessel in general. You know, the one that fits in your hands perfectly holds just the right amount of your drink and is warm and comforting. Maybe it was made by a friend in their ceramic class, or reminds you of that vacation you took to Florida where the gift shop finally had one with your name on it. It’s full to the brim with coffee or tea, and will never let you down or spill on your laptop.

Made with magazine clippings, a glue stick, and a safety pin.

Family Honor, My Brothers

Submitted by Ogden Kruger

I lost both of my brothers much too early and this medal is in honor of them. At the top of the medal is a birth announcement, my oldest brother William Abbot Lewis telephoning about the birth of my brother Peter Okun Lewis who was born on April 21, 1948, and died in June Of 2003. I wish you could see the back of the photograph which was mailed to my grandparents in Baltimore Maryland in 1948 not long after Peter was born. It also includes a first-place swimming medal that my mother got in 1932 along with some things that seem to represent my life in quarantine these days. My bobbling Buddha, my Tibetan prayer flags…an old birds nest (as they have been taking over) a dedicated mouse, that man in the moon made with some paper clay..a fake $50….what will happen to our currency?  Oh and all presented on a baguette board, (the staff of life- for sure in these days of quarantine) There is much more though I will allow you to make your own inferences!

Legion of Resilience

Submitted by Ezgi Keskinsoy

On behalf of all the flowering trees for their extraordinary resilience, to the old plum tree in my apartment’s communal backyard.

Conversation in the Age of Quarantine

Submitted by Meghan Feeley

This medal is dedicated to digital trivia nights with friends, a hectic Easter dinner with 30 people on video call, and all the time spent arranging furniture to make sure the whole family is in the webcam frame.

Heroism in Pandemic Combat Zone - ITALY

Submitted by Morena Fortino

To my Bel Paese, Italy, for resistance to this invisible dragon COVID-19.

Meritorious Dedication to Artmaking

Submitted by Beth Atkinson

This medal is awarded to all those who have dedicated time every day since the Corona Pandemic began. It is awarded to those with the perseverance to continue to make Art even through the most challenging times.

Bravery and Goodness during the Pandemic

Submitted by Cathy Cahill

I created my medal in honor of my sister Terry Cawlina, who is a flight attendant for JetBlue. She is an amazing person whose kindness and sense of humor stayed intact even as she was stressed out and working flights during the pandemic. When she contracted COVID-19 at the end of March, it was scary, but thankfully she recovered. Our family is so thankful!

Congrats Time

Submitted by Madison Earnhardt

This piece is meant to award time for taking on such a different form during this pandemic. We are all in the same situation where we feel as though time is against us. Our days are now filled with it, which is such a sharp contrast to how time used to exist in our lives. I often felt as though I was running out of time every day, but now, that’s the complete opposite. So congrats, time. You have our undivided attention.

Hearts for Hospital Workers

Submitted by Clementine Waldman

This medal is for hospital workers because they help us so much and I am grateful we have them.

Happily Ever After

Submitted by Ogden Kruger

In Honor of Dan Kruger. Just a few weeks from our 36th anniversary. This paper collage was done on the thank you card used for wedding gifts. The original card was designed by a local artist, Vincent Ceglia, who was legally blind. (1923-2012

Keeping Counsel Award

Submitted by Julie Levy

This is for the people in my town who wear masks because it helps others think of wearing them which protects our town which protects our elders which protects our wisdom.

The Walker

Submitted by Meghan Feeley

This medal is dedicated to the walks I’ve taken during quarantine which always make me feel better.


Submitted by Elizabeth Smith Jacobs

To Dr. Bahramipour who continues to serve all of his patients/veterans, COVID or not, be it for cancer, venous access, drainage, bleeds, embolization, etc…

Distinguished Service in Moral Support (Legion of Furry Companions)

Submitted by Marcela Ysunza

To my dogs Ripley and Zissou for their efforts in uplifting morale in uncertain times.

To Nature

Submitted by Sandra Vargas

Though lately, we’ve been living catastrophic times all over the world, nature is showing us unexpected side effects of the pandemic: air pollution levels have dropped significantly, nature is blooming and wildlife is returning to cleaner waters and greener areas. It’s our chance to reinvent our working practices and lifestyles and respect our environment. This new green scenario does not have to be temporary.


Submitted by Jiaoyang Li

This is an attempt to speak of depression.

Post Office Pandemic Workers

Submitted by Goldie Waldman

The post office workers are the recipients because they are the ones giving us packages in this pandemic.

Home Alone

Submitted by Melinda Titus

I created this medal to honor all of those who are quarantining at home by themselves.

Heroism in the Grocery Store Front Line

Submitted by Jean Tomaso Moore

I’m honoring all grocery employees for showing up to their jobs to help keep the food supply available to all of us. I appreciate you for all you do every day and especially now during this pandemic. ….truly everyday heroes and heroines.

National Native American Heritage

Submitted by Tara Marie Groenewold

The reason I made this medal with turquoise is because it goes to the honor of the Turtle Mountain tribes of the Native American ancestries that it runs on my grandma’s side.

Medal of Fortitude

Submitted by Abby Brooks

This medal is for my friend Eileen who lives in an 11th floor apartment in New York City .She has not left her apartment since the middle of March . I on the other hand have the luxury of opening my door, walking outside, and seeing my garden growing and the nascent blossoms on trees all around me .I can be comforted by that bit of normality.

Medal of Freedom in Good Times and Bad

Submitted by Amy Tingle

Presented to my friend Kristin Wald for her outstanding perseverance and persistence. Kristin has been speaking out against injustice daily, standing on a street corner during her lunch hours to point out discrimination and inequalities in our systems, volunteering tirelessly for @supportsofia, and raising two stellar human beings. I’m sure she’s done a million other things I don’t even know about, but today I want to recognize in her an especially meritorious contribution to world peace and the betterment of our collective human community, and the spirit of her small NJ town.

Pandemic Face Mask Sewing Medal

Submitted by Roger Keller

For skill and bravery in organizing a sewing team volunteers to make and distribute face masks to hospitals, nursing homes, and clerks at post-offices, gas stations, grocery stores.

Paper Moon Man Medal

Marcia Lippman

For Steve Maiorano, moon maker extraordinaire,  and his tireless caregiving to the art & the heart of ArtYard.

Transient Beauty of the Earth

Submitted by Lucia Olivieri

In honor of the Transient Beauty of the Earth, so necessary for us humans to survive to our life’s small and big challenges.

The Man who Saved our Cat from the Clouds

Submitted by Lucia Olivieri

I will be ever so grateful to the man who saved our cat from the clouds…or the tallest tree in the field on the very top of which he found refuge from the frightening assault of a big rival!

The Beloved Friend who Lends an Ear

 Submitted by Lucia Olivieri

The Beloved Friend who Lends an Ear whenever we are in need, when being listened to means being able to start healing and collecting our energies to face whatever challenge we have to confront.

The Distinguished Order of Canine Magnificence

Submitted by Nancy Ennis

For our dog Charlotte Magnolia Calhoun Calhoun who is joyous every day.

Exceptionally Stylish Supplier of Cherry Products (and other lesser grocery goods)

Submitted by Kaija Rantakari

To my friend Taija who has protected my asthmatic lungs during the pandemic by bringing me no-contact groceries. On my birthday she provided me with surprise cherry ice cream and cherry soda. We share a love for all things cherry-flavored as well as an impeccable sense of style.

Life-time Achievement in Social Distancing

Submitted by Kaija Rantakari

To my 20+ years of depression which have prepared me for dark times, seemingly endless social distancing and making the absolute best out of a bad situation. Thanks to depression, I’m doing better than most.

The Victory Over Covid-19 Medal of Honor

Submitted by Nancy Ennis

Respecting science and empirical facts, researchers worldwide labor day and night to develop, vaccines, tests, and drugs to treat Covid-19.

The Essential Spirits Commendation

Submitted by Nancy Ennis

Little Brothers Liquor store in Flemington, NJ offered curb side pickup of wine, beer and spirits. Whatever get you through the night.

Heroes One and All

Submitted by Nancy Ennis

For all medical workers everywhere, but especially for Dr. Reid Collins of Annandale and nurses Renee, Morgan, and Catherine Stavenik of Pittstown.

Miracles and Miracle Workers

Submitted by Susan Farrington


Submitted by Susan Farrington

For that which saves us.


Submitted by Susan Farrington

For rebirth and new hope.

Lu and Paul

Submitted by Susan Farrington

For my parents, my true north, Lu and Paul Farrington.


Submitted by Susan Farrington

For unconditional love and acceptance.

The King

Submitted by Susan Farrington

For those who have faced or are facing this grim reality.

Excellency in Caffeine Delivery medal

 Submitted by Anna Hoppel

Awarded to the ever-reliable substance that helps us get through the day – coffee!

8th Street Collage Artist Medal

Submitted by Chris Mundy
Chris Mundy’s Facebook

Awarded to Kate House for her continued creativity using found images to create fabulous collage.

The Maintaining Dignity by Wearing Pants Award

Submitted by Martin T Focazio
Recipient: Martin T. Focazio

Awarded to myself for successfully maintaining some semblance of daily dignity by at least bothering to put on pants despite being stuck every day in front of a computer screen and nobody would actually notice or care if I was wearing pants or not.

2020 – Mini CD ROM, Closed Cell Foam, Textiles, Printed Mylar, Hot Glue.

Gift of the Artist.


Facebook Fact Checker: Destroyer of Disinformation

Submitted by Renee Soto

I made this medal for myself and all of the other truth-oriented individuals who work to combat misinformation and disinformation on Facebook and other social media every day – even when it’s awkward or uncomfortable to do so. This skill is crucial on a regular day, but it is essential during an election-year pandemic. This medal is for everyone who has paused to check a source before posting or sharing information. It is for all of the critical thinkers who trust but verify. It is for everyone who knows that Snopes is their friend and The Onion is satire. The “R” is for realness, reality and righteousness.

For Extreme Comfort During Self Quarantine

Submitted by Robyn Fuoco

I’ve been in yoga pants for a month now, don’t know if I can ever go back.

Card stock, rubber & foam stamps, silver wire, brass grommets, pin back.

Valour Everyday

Submitted by Sue Garrard

This medal celebrates the women at my local Post Office – they keep turning up every day to do their jobs. They are brave and stoic.


 Submitted by Nate Barton
This medal celebrates the masters of podcast making for continuing to offer their content that helps us get through each day.

The Promise of Dahlias

Submitted by Nate Barton
This would be awarded to the bulbs that are getting ready to wake up and make beauty for us.

Mercy of Spring

Submitted by Nate Barton
This medal is offering thanks to the coming of spring. Birdsong and new growth are making each day a little brighter.

Keeping It Together During Extraordinary Times

Submitted by Jo Byrne

This medal is for every person who is mostly succeeding in keeping it together during this time of great anxiety and change. You know it might not look pretty but you are making it work the best you can with the resources at hand. Bravo you warrior!

Bravery In Getting

Submitted by Jo Byrne

This medal is for the designated getter in every family. Masked and with a  list in hand, we bravely enter

Medal for Resilience

Submitted by Rebekah Zwick, a college professor at State University of New York, Westchester.

It honors my students at SUNY WCC, as well as my family members who are students at Penn State, NYU, and SUNY FIT,  and all college students who in the midst of a foundation-shaking paradigm shift in higher learning experiences and methodologies, and in many cases while dealing with personal catastrophe, adapted, persevered and stayed the course of higher education.

“Adua veritatum”- out of adversity, truth.


Submitted by Chris Mundy
Chris Mundy’s Facebook

This medal is awarded to Joe Mundy for extraordinary resourcefulness and creativity in mechanical endeavors

Medal for Endurance

Submitted by Pauline Boyce

In the Face of No End in Sight. Awarded to Everybody. This is hard in a million different ways.

Outstanding Small Bookworm

Submitted by Elisa Renouard

This medal is awarded to whichever child quietly and contentedly sits with a pile of books for the longest duration.

Unlock the Past, Open Minds

Submitted by Rochelle Udell
Instagram: @rochelleudell

To Sean Pica, Executive Director, of Hudson Link, for providing college education, life skills, and re-entry support to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated so that they have a positive impact on their families, communities, and themselves. Also, his efforts result in lower recidivism, poverty, and taxpayer savings.

COVID-19 Mask Maker Award

Submitted by George Cogan
@georgecogan ⠀

Made for my wife, Fannie Allen, who has been burning the midnight oil making stylish masks with “near-N95” effectiveness for non-medical personnel so that we may emerge from the shelter-in-place order with safety and style.”

Queen of Bloodletting. Never missed a Vein or a Chance to Express Humour.

Submitted by Carol Kalil

Bestowed on my favorite Mom, Ann Kalil, retired RN. For leading by example & urging able bodies to donate blood.

Courage and Compassion in the War on Coronavirus

Submitted by Margot Lawler

To Dr. Michael Burns, Anesthesiologist.

For Bravery at the Hospital

Submitted by Casey Ruble

To Lulu. Under quarantine in a New Orleans apartment attached to her house, I made do with what I could find to make this medal: a roll of tin foil, a bag of Mardi Gras beads, and some syrup and powdered creamer that I mixed together for an adhesive. Lulu is nine years old. Last week, she went to the hospital for an ultrasound, MRI, and then surgery to remove a lump on her leg. Lulu, we’re all so proud of you for the great job you did at the hospital!

For Essential Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Submitted by Kathryn Coto

To thank grocery workers for their service during a pandemic. Service people are often told that they’re replaceable, that anyone can do their job, and that justifies low pay. COVID-19 exposes the lie, proves that their work is important and essential and that they should be protected during this pandemic and better compensated going forward.

Materials: hand-printed linocut image, cardboard box, vintage lace, upcycled chain, glitter, and gold gouache paint.

To the Bees

Submitted by Valentina Micol Carnevali
Great and tireless allied workers. In honor of bees that silently and scrupulously maintain biodiversity and conserve nature.

To Mr. Dandelion

Submitted by Valentina Micol Carnevali

The incomparable and humble king of spring. In honor of a Mr. flower, an ally in purifying the
body, it promotes digestion, carries out an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action and is a
patient ingredient of culinary experimentation in these long closing days.

To Mother Blackbird

Submitted by Valentina Micol Carnevali

The bravest bird of my garden. To the brave blackbird that has chosen to nest in the worst place of the house: on a raft of my portico which is also transit for my three hungry cats. Despite my care trying to build an improvised defensive barrier, the blackbird has left the nest with a perfect design, a wonderful lonely egg, and set off in a hurried search of new safer accommodation for her and her family.

Gallant Pandemic Distraction

Submitted by Jennifer Wilkin Penick

To the harbor seals of the San Francisco Bay for their good humor and unpredictable entertainment in difficult times.

Courageous Canine Assistance

Submitted by Jennifer Wilkin Penick

To the dog-walkers of San Francisco, and especially ours, @petsocialsf, for their fearless canine contact and much appreciated assistance.

Inspirational Shelter in Nature

Submitted by Jennifer Wilkin Penick

To Golden Gate Park for giving San Franciscans the refuge of nature in this virus storm.

Unnamed Bird

Submitted by Mick Kligler

To the unnamed bird that thumped against our window in the night and who, in the morning, lay dead on our porch, a small and simple sadness we could wrap in paper towel, and carry into the yard, and bury by the daffodils, which still insist on blooming.


Submitted by Susan Farrington
Instagram: @susan_farrington

 Home. For however you define it.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Submitted by Nancy Ennis 

Sanitation workers cannot work from home. They come regularly, despite the pandemic, to pick up our refuse and recycling.

Postmaster Extraordinaire
Made by Chris Mundy
Commissioned by Jill Kearney
Chris Mundy’s Facebook To Erwinna Postmaster Nancy Becker and her dog Cammy. Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Sleet nor Virus shall dissuade our beloved postmaster from performing her duties with courage and grace.

Freedom of the Parkway

Submitted by Nate Barton
Instagram: @etannotrab  This medal offers thanks to the Blueridge Parkway for providing solace and fresh air in these difficult times.

Neruda Medal of Peace
Submitted by Rochelle Udell
Instagram: @rochelleudell To Everyone Who Stays At Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic. Inspired by Neruda’s Ode To A Chair. From the last part of his poem – “Bring me a chair/in the midst of thunder, and chair for me/and for everyone/not only/ to relieve an exhausted body but/for/every purpose/and for every person,/for squandered strength/and for meditation./War is as vast as the shadowy jungle. A single chair/is/a first sign/of peace.”

White Gold
By Renata Mayumi Fukuda
Instagram handle: @renatamayumifukuda  
Volunteer Vegetable Accountant

Made by Chris Mundy
Commissioned by Jill Kearney
Chris Mundy’s Facebook

In recognition of Mary Staniewicz’s tireless efforts as a board member and volunteer accountant at Rolling Harvest Food Rescue.
Holy Medal of Confession and Forgiveness
By Mick Kligler.  Inspired by Stephen McDonnell’s opinions on tea, shared on the veranda over drinks and 6 feet of social distance.
Awarded to Kearney McDonnell, my roommate of 5 years, with whom I intend to share confession and forgiveness as long as she’ll have me.
Posthumous Illustrious Weaver of Words
By Elsa Mora. To Walt Whitman for his poem, ‘Weave in, Hardy Life.’
Special Service Soldier & Foremost Seer
By Elsa Mora. To Diego Horberg for fighting battles invisible to the eye with preeminent optimism.
Front Line Distinguished Service
By Elsa Mora. To my niece, Camila, who is fighting the COVID-19 war from Miami, Florida.
Heroism in Pandemic Combat Zone
By Elsa Mora. To victorious Mary Staniewicz for defeating COVID-19 in an arduous battle. Winner of the Smile of the Year award, Most Beloved Human in the office, and Person with a Heart of Gold.
Incomparable Garden Force Veteran
By Elsa Mora. To my neighbor Demesio, the gardener, a one-of-a-kind man, humble, hardworking, lover of all things green. RIP.  
Outstanding Household Unit Protection
By Elsa Mora. To Margot Trejo for her laborious caregiving service in the upbringing of four children.

Intrepidity at Risk of Life
By Elsa Mora. To Freddy Mora for time spent in incarceration after capture for attempting to pursue a better life for the family.
Citizen Mask Maker
By Jill Kearney. In honor of people who are making masks to protect family, friends, and strangers.
Friendly Pharmacist
By Jill Kearney. In honor of our local front-line Frenchtown pharmacist and staff, bravely carrying on.
Order of the Golden Broom
By Jill Kearney. For Steve Maiorano, ArtYard’s Capo of Cleanliness, for cheerful, meticulous devotion to the art.  
Veterinarian of Valor
By Jill Kearney. For the veterinarians and staff of the Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic,  who remained in operation during the pandemic, and attended to Jill’s dying dog with kindness and empathy at some personal risk, staying after hours so Jill’s daughter could be there to say goodbye.   
Maker Viking Origami
By Jill Kearney. For Eric Fiorito, for collecting and distributing food to the Frenchtown food pantry and posting Origami lessons on his Facebook page dressed in full Viking regalia. 


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    Beautiful. Proof of the power of gratitude practices to heal and carry us forward. Thank you to Art Yard and to all the contributors.

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    Art makes us think, question, ponder, and deliberate. What better topic in these times than gratitude for those around us? These are wonderful! Thank you to all the artists that created these images. They are magnificent.


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