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Dear friends,

Join ArtYard for the first-ever Hatch in Place! Happening on Instagram on July 18th at 10 AM, we are reaching out to the community to help us collectively hatch by flocking the Instagram feeds with short videos of original hatches.

Read below to learn the story behind Hatch, the road to our first Hatch-in-Place, and to learn how to Hatch-in-Place with us! 

The Story Behind Hatch

On the day that ArtYard first opened its doors on September 4th, 2016, we announced our presence by means of a raucous celebration dubbed the Hatch, inspired by the concept of creative incubation and the purchase of a former egg hatchery as the site of our permanent home. Since that day a fourteen-foot tall egg and a flock of community and artist-constructed bird costumes and giant puppets have emerged once a year to commemorate our opening and underscore our commitment to art that is inclusive, democratic and subversive of expectations. The Hatch engaged people in our own community of Frenchtown but also commingled groups from communities in Philadelphia, Camden, Brooklyn, and beyond.  

The Road to our First Hatch-in-Place

This past March 7th we held a workshop to build the costumes for the impending fourth Hatch. Designed by Flannery McDonnell, the costumes featured hazmat suits transformed into Dr. Seuss-like birds with pipe cleaner beaks. The costume design was unexpectedly and accidentally prescient. A few days after the workshop the coronavirus altered everything, halted construction on our new building, closed our exhibitions prematurely, and caused the cancelation of all impending programming, including the Hatch. 

Even if the powers that be were to permit a Hatch on June 20th, we have concluded that hatching this year should be a less cacophonous adventure, appropriate to this moment of loss, transfiguration, and the gorgeousness of Spring. 

How to Hatch-in-Place with us

Since we cannot gather to hatch and flock in person, we wish to emerge and abound on Instagram, and cordially invite you to hatch something that needs to be hatched, by creating an original Hatch-in-place video to release collectively on June 20th at 10 am. 

Hatch Monarch butterflies, poems, roller-skating bears(?!)  Launch something new or completely nonsensical that is needed just now in this moment of otherworldly stillness.

Film it in a 30 second to one minute video. 

Post your video on Instagram on June 20th at 10 AM with the hashtag: #artyardhatch, and tag us @artyardcenter.

Enjoy an array of other hatches created by other community members by following the hashtag, #artyardhatch, and checking out our story. 

We will also share a Hatch-in-Place compilation video made by invited collaborators and friendly co-conspirators. We will release this on June 20th at 10 AM on our Instagram page.

Please join us in this virtual, collective event as we flood the Instagram feed with hopeful, communal hatching!

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Office: (908) 996-5018

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