The videos on this page are part of CRANKS UNEARTHED, a series of ten performances by local artists, poets, musicians, and actors from the Delaware River community. The event took place at Artyard on June 29th, 2018. CRANKS UNEARTHED is part of our exhibition specific programming for The Memory Palace, Frenchtown at 150ish, which includes the installation Unearthed, a library of objects found in, near, or around the Delaware River. We invited members of the local community to take this theme of unearthed and use it to inspire or inform a banner or cranky, both precinematic storytelling devices that are derived from the ancient storytelling tradition Cantastoria, dating back to 5th century India. We invite you to watch the resulting stories below.

↑ RIVER SONG Crankie by Sharon Ferguson, music by Noah Jarret, story by John Richard Smith, crankie assistance by Hazel Ferguson

↑ UNEARTHED IN FRENCHTOWN Crankie by Jill Kearney, piano and vocals by Val Sivilli

↑ IT ALL STARTED WITH THE PORK ROLL Crankie by Eric Fiorito and Mike Tyksinski, music by Brian Fitz, vocals by Atticus and Circe Fiorito

↑ MISS LOGAN’S STREET Banner by Val Sivilli and Chris Mundy, music by Val Sivilli

↑ UNEARTHING WHAT MATTERS Crankie by Christopher Hirscheimer with the help of Nash Anderson, music by Carolyn Gadbois

↑ UNDERGROUND Crankie by Annie Parham, music by Gianni Amawo

↑ DOOMED FROM THE START Banner by Flannery McDonnell, performance assistance by Lucinda Warchol, Sundara Ziegler, and Jill Kearney

↑ THE LINE Crankie by Sundara Ziegler, music by Lucinda Warchol

↑ VIEW FROM A LOCOMOTIVE Crankie by Matheson Westlake, Nancy Shill on fiddle, vocals by Melissa Peterson

↑ THE STORY OF FRENCHTOWN Crankie by Lauren Johnson, music by Andrew Wilkinson

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