Artists, writers, musicians, performers, and friends from Crank Night, in front of a collaborative painting by CCW artists


On March 30th of 2019 at ArtYard, we enjoyed an evening of performance and storytelling by local artists, poets, and musicians from the Delaware River community. The event was part of our exhibition specific programming for the Creative Commons, on view at ArtYard from January 12th through April 14th of 2019.

The Creative Commons exhibition features a short, mesmerizing black and white film entitled Questions, in which Creative Growth artist Susan Janow addresses the camera with a barrage of blunt, poetic and funny existential queries. Local artists were invited to use the theme, Questions, to inspire or inform a banner or cranky for our Crank Night event. Banners and crankies are both pre-cinematic storytelling devices that are derived from the ancient storytelling tradition Cantastoria, dating back to 5th Century in India. This art form was more recently revived by the Bread and Puppet Theater based in Glover, Vermont.

ArtYard’s executive director, Jill Kearney, wearing a question mark hat made by Annie Parham for the Crank Night event


MARCH 30TH, 2019

↑ DON’T KNOW By Ron Lent ↑

↑ WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN? By Rosie Bruno ↑

↑ HOW I SPENT MY LIFE By Ulla Warchol, Assisted by Robbie Miller, Jill Kearney, and Lucinda Warchol↑

↑ WHAT WILL YOU? By Meg Metz, John Clement, and Tom Hubben ↑

↑ THE SONG UNDERGROUND By Anabel Bouza, Assisted by Tyson Sleete and Matthew Foster, Music by Your Kids Ft. Pat Knapp ↑

↑ POST DIGITAL ERA SEARCH ENGINE By Lucinda Warchol, Assisted by Jill Kearney ↑

↑ FOREVER LOST By Rebecca Reeves ↑

↑ Who Am I? By John Augustine, Assisted by Sherry Anderson ↑

↑ COLOR WHEEL By Amy Forsyth, Music by Charley Farrell ↑

House Band – Vietty’s Sweaty Spaghetti Yetis ↑

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