by Bruno Billio

September 4th – November 8th, 2016

On September 4th, 2016, right after ArtYard’s Hatching, we opened Bruno Billio’s Tri-Mirror Sculpture in our main gallery as part of our inauguration. The installation is an interactive artwork consisting of a maze of  ten eight feet tall mirrored pillars. 

A parade of birds from our egg hatching walked through the maze and led the crowd behind them.  

In keeping with Bruno’s invitation to find different means of activating the sensory dislocation of the piece, we added inverted text to the floor and invited participants to consider points of view and differences in perception. The Tri-Mirrors provoked a wide range of responses, from paralyzed self-consciousness to joyful hide-and-seek improvisations.

Throughout his career, Bruno Billio has created installations in public spaces such as hotel, squares, public facades, churches, and fortresses. His artworks often captivate and surprise the viewer. Bruno believes in the intimate relationship between art, the individual, and nature. He is particularly interested in collective experiences and the way in which his work is perceived by groups of people.

Tri-Mirror Sculpture Process


A large shipment containing the parts

for Bruno Billio’s installation arrives

from Toronto, Canada.


Bruno and Ted inspect the crate.


The crate is carefully opened.


All the parts are transported

to the gallery for ensembling.


The first of ten triangular pillars

is being ensembled.


After the 10 pillars are built,

it is time to attach the mirrors to them.


The mirrors are now in place and

the installation ready for the opening.




This project was curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora for ArtYard

Several people contributed to the production of Tri-Mirror Sculpture, we want to thank each of them. Special thanks go to Ted Dempsey and his helpers. Thanks to Bruno Billio and all of you who came to see the installation and interacted with it.

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