Above, infrared photograph of the Hatch by Andrew Wilkinson

On June 15th of 2019, ArtYard’s third annual Hatch took place in Frenchtown’s Sunbeam Lenape Park. The event was an exuberant celebration of communal creativity and the groundbreaking of our new facility which is under construction on the site of a former egg hatchery.

Our 14ft egg was designed and built under the artistic direction of Eliot Bassett-Cann in 2016. The structure was welded by Chris Alferman, the cover sewn by Denise Nelson, and many hands with brushes painted the structure. This year we introduced ArtYard’s new white tent, which was placed on Sunbeam Lenape Park a week before the event.

The Hungry March Band from Brooklyn delighted everyone with their signature music.

An assortment of friendly locals and members of the ArtYard team dressed in bird couture hatched from our giant egg and marched through town, then enjoyed a communal riverside picnic under ArtYard’s tent in the park.

AartYard’s artistic director, Elsa Mora, designed the box bird, the totem bird, and the bluebirds, among others.
The fringe bird costumes, bluebirds and purple birds were hand sewn by the participants.

The box bird was the first to hatch from the egg and it was worn by Annie Parham.

The totem bird was the last to hatch from the egg and it was worn by Kate Lambdin.

Wearing their signature purple color, Sister Cities Girlchoir performed two songs at ArtYard’s construction site; Resilience and We Shall Be Known. Choir director was Anne Agresta Dugan.

Some of our friends from the Center for Creative Works joined the Hatch in their handmade bird costumes.

“Art is not an end but a beginning”, a quote by Ai Weiwei, emerged from the giant egg.

DELIA’S DELECTABLE DONUT DEN, by Val Sivilli and Chris Mundy, music by Val Sivilli.

SUNCRANKIE by Eric Fiorito with music by his son Atticus and Brian Fitz.

Anabel Bouza performed THE SONG UNDERGROUND with music by Your Kids Ft. Pat Knapp.

WHAT WILL YOU? By Meg Metz, John Clement, and Tom Hubben.

WHO AM I? By John Augustine, assisted by Sherry Anderson.

More infrared photographs of the Hatch by Andrew Wilkinson.

All photographs, with the exception of the infrared series, were taken by Paul Warchol.


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