September 3rd, 2017

On September 4th of 2016, ArtYard announced its presence by hatching a flock of giant bird puppets out of a fourteen foot tall welded steel egg perched on the edge of a derelict former egg hatchery at the foot of the Frenchtown Bridge.  The act of hatching was a nod to Frenchtown’s past as a 20th century center of egg incubation, and its future as an incubator of creative enterprise in art.  With our second annual Hatch, the event is now an annual festival of creativity and community.  Fringed costumes and window screen masks inspired by Baton Rouge’s Courier de Mardi Gras were sewn and formed by hand in two workshops in the ArtYard warehouse space. Enormous white parachute birds were designed and built by Kristin Powers and Flannery McDonnell.  Italian composer Camilla Uboldi spent a week in residence composing an original score for marching toy pianos, marching typewriters, xylophones, flutes, and drums.

↓ The community gathers to build bird masks and costumes for the event.

Testing a costume and a bird puppet

↓ Italian composer Camilla Uboldi flies to Frenchtown, NJ,  to compose the music for the Hatch

↓ Some of the musical instruments used at the Hatch

↓ Portraits of some of our birds. From left to right: Niika Quistgard, Margaret Parish, Pat Dipaula Klein, Val Sivilli, and William Horberg


A lone owl emerges from the egg wearing a toy piano constructed by inventor/musician Schuyler Thum.  Cranes, bluebirds,  vultures, and gulls followed sporting drums and marching typewriters engineered by Chris Langhart and Chrissy  Snyder.

Homing pigeons were released in celebration of our one year anniversary and the impending construction of a 16,000 square foot theatre and art exhibition space on the site. We hope construction will begin this coming spring.
Our next hatch will occur the following spring of  2019 and will involve the addition of a chorus and communal feast.

↓ Spontaneous dance after the Hatch


Founder / Concept: Jill Kearney
Artistic Direction:
Elsa Mora

Original Music: Camilla Uboldi
Photography/Footage: Eliot Bassett-Cann, Elsa Mora, Susanne Longo
Original toy piano builder: Schuyler Thum

Bird building workshop participants: Laura Archdeacon, Cheryn Bolasci, Karen Craig, Kevin Hebbeler, Pat Klein,  Jill Kearney, Elsa Mora, Niika Quistgard, Mary Schwarzenberger, Erika Steffen, Ann Vitolo, Ulla Warchol, Pat Klein, Elsa Mora,  Maria Czarnecki, Kaya and Sasha, Rutstein, Jennifer Braxton, Erika Steffen, Karen Craig, Cheryn Bolasci,  Rich Cahill, Leah Cahill, Aidan Cahill, Ruby Cahill, Danyelle Lala, Amalia Kushner

Birds and musicians: Laura Archdeacon, John Augustine, Margaret Balitsaris, Scott Bolasci, Cheryn Bolasci, Jennifer Braxton, Ruby Cahill, Rich Cahill, Brian Cahill, Aidan Cahill, Maria Candmczar, Gail Ciabatoni, Wendy Cook, Karen Craig, William Crowe, Geraldine Dougherty, Gayle Dragt, Thomas Flagg, Michelle Fuerst, Ivy G, Kevin Hebbeler, Bill Horberg, Lynn Hutchins, Philip Kain, Jill Kearney, Pat Klein, Anna Kushner, Danyelle Lala, Joanne Mazzeo, Elsa Mora, Annie Parham, Lacy Phelps, Laura Pointon, Niika Quistgard, Erika Rachel, Sasha Rutstein, Hayden Saunier, Mary Schwarzenberger, Val Sivilli, Chris Snyder, Anne Spence, Mary Staniewicz, Erika Steffen, Schuyler Thum, Ann Vitolo, Joyce Vollmer, Lucinda Warchol, Ulla Warchol, Adam Wolf, Rachel Wood, Mike Wosik,Ivia Yavelow

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