We are pleased to share a new video by Natalie de Segonzac that shares the story behind Evidence in the artist’s own words.

Evidence is a solo exhibition that explores the narrative of a changing body featuring works by multi-disciplinary artist Natalie de Segonzac. Curated by Elsa Mora, it includes photography and sculpture that investigate the hidden complexities of the mind and its relationship to the body. It is on view in ArtYard’s second-floor Lynn and John Kearney Gallery.

Evidence combines de Segonzac’s past and new work. She has evolved as an artist since she began using a wheelchair following a spinal cord injury in 2016. While her practices have changed, her disability expanded and deepened her exploration of themes already present in her work.

“The mind is at once infinite and confined. It exists in constant flux. Being captured and contained in a photograph, suspended in space and time, is a metaphor for a mind held in tension between extremes. Placing myself in the frame grounds me. It allows me to claim my space in this world as an artist, a woman, and a person with a disability.” — Natalie de Segonzac