In preparation for our upcoming exhibition, The Memory Palace: Frenchtown at 150ish, we would like to invite the community to participate in two days of mudlarking in April. The term mudlarking draws from the British tradition of scavenging for treasures in the River Thames. Dedicated mudlarkers venture into the mud and water in search of old pipes, broken pottery bits, long-lost coins, belt buckles and the like. What possible treasures lie hidden along the banks of the River Delaware? Join us and find out!

Objects found during these expeditions will be on display in the Unearthed section of our spring exhibition, a publicly sourced library of objects found in, near or around the Delaware River. If you are unable to attend the community mudlark but have treasures you have found on your own time that you would like to lend to ArtYard, please bring your objects to the ArtYard gallery Wednesday-Sunday, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM from now until April 8th.

Please meet us at ArtYard, 62A Trenton Ave, Frenchtown NJ in the gallery. We will head to the river as a group from there, just a short walk down the towpath. We suggest you bring rainboots or other forms of waterproof shoes and clothing.

HERE is the RSVP page for this event.

See you on April 8th!


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