The Wing Daunce: A Chimney Swift’s May Mumming

Three Paper Theaters by Kahn and Selesnick

Jun 5—Sep 15, 2021

ArtYard is pleased to announce the inaugural installation of the VSG, or Very Small Gallery, consisting of three miniature installations hidden in the walls of the new building and visible by means of small apertures or peepholes. The first installment will be the work of collaborative artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, and depicts the costume balls which may or may not be occurring inside the chimney swift tower which ArtYard installed as an alternative home for a colony of migratory chimney swifts relocated from the original derelict building.

Entrance is free, but you have to find the peepholes!

A rousing Jig hopped around an egg by the Oddwidows and Swiftmasons for the May days when the smoke no longer belches forth, to welcome the return of the holy birds, once of hollow trunks, now of blackened stack, may they bless our skies forever more. Their song goes: 

Upon my one foote pretely I can hoppe

The longer thou livest, the more Foole thou art. 

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13 Front Street
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
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