Stairway From Heaven

Jun 22—Sep 22, 2024

ArtYard and Studio Route 29 present Stairway From Heaven, a solo show of work by Bill Eppinger.

On view will be several of Eppinger’s spiral notebooks, in which the artist records visions he receives from God in marker, ballpoint pen, highlighter, white-out, tape, post-its, and paper scraps. Drawings often spill over the edges of their pages, with patchwork sections added to accommodate a growing idea-image, and then folded to fit back into the boundary of the book. The result is a collection of notebooks round and heavy with almost daily entries from the past several years, which visitors will be invited to page through.

For Eppinger, resourcefulness is paramount. He curiously engages everyday objects in his work, frequently tracing his own hands, the cap of a deodorant stick, small tools, and figurines and transforming them into symbols and repeating characters that populate his world. Eppinger’s castle, painstakingly detailed with layers of hidden cardboard armature and a surface of rough packing supplies, is constructed from scraps, mostly saved from the recycling bin at his Burger King job.

Eppinger’s celestial faith and earthly interest in materiality meet in surprising, mysterious and ritualistic works.