Kendall Buster: What Blooms

Oct 28, 2023—Jan 21, 2024

What Blooms is an exploration into notions of place and body through the language of the architectural model featuring works by Kendall Buster. Built with suspended biomorphic forms offering accessible interiors and dozens of small cardboard planar forms assembled into a kind of meandering bird’s eye view cityscape, this large-scale sculptural installation will activate ArtYard’s entire second-floor Lynn & John Kearney Gallery offering entry both literally and through the imagination.

Constructed with components that operate as both objects and sites of enclosure, What Blooms also reflects investigations into how biological models might be employed in architectural design. Buster’s initial study in microbiology and interest in theories of architecture have resulted in works informed at once by organic morphologies and speculative built environments. Intrigued with the ways shifts can occur in the perception of scale, the artist is equally inspired by the monumental and the microscopic.