I Just Want to Know

Featuring works by Katie House and Cindy Gosselin

Feb 17—Jun 2, 2024

I Just Want to Know features work by two artists who cover found objects in color, Katie House and Cindy Gosselin. House, an artist and jeweler from Studio Route 29, brings color and a curious hand to found photographs, framing them in an intense chromatic surface and immersing specific moments into buoyant light. Gosselin, an artist and musician from Philadelphia-based Center for Creative Works, creates her bound sculptures with a focused, obsessive intensity. Pulling various found objects into cocoon-like forms, from wooden spools to house keys, they continue to morph and grow until Gosselin deems them “too heavy.” This exhibition is curated by Studio Route 29.

Katie House is an artist and jeweler living and working in Frenchtown, NJ.

Cindy Gosselin is an artist and musician working from the Center for Creative Works in Philadelphia, PA.