Bedlam and Balance

Eight Artists from Four Continents

Dec 10, 2016—Mar 5, 2017

Bedlam and Balance draws attention to the struggles of individuals to find their own balance, rebuild after the earth has shifted, or forge a new path through uncertain terrain.

Eight female artists examine existential and autobiographical elements, drawing from disparate origins in Albania, Canada, Cuba, Iran, Korea, Guatemala, and Serbia. In the wake of a surreal election and in an era when the diasporas of far-flung continents are both accessible and remote, Bedlam and Balance offers visions of fear and displacement, refuge and restoration. The drawings, installations, objects, poems, sculptures, and videos in this exhibition weave together personal and collective narratives that revisit the past, scavenge the present and suggest shrewd, hopeful, and vulnerable approaches to the road ahead. Magda Gonzalez-Mora.