Ukrainian Theater Performance and Talkback with Slovo. Theater Group

Ukrainian Theater Performance and Talkback with Slovo. Theater Group

Nov 4—5, 2022

A theater troupe formed by Ukrainian actors in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of the country will present a new performance exploring motherland at ArtYard’s McDonnell Theater over two evenings in November.

On Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 5, Slovo. Theater Group will perform Mothermotherland, an original work inspired by the Ukrainian writer Mykola Khyvylovy, his novella I Am (a Romantic), and the actors’ own personal stories. A post-show artist discussion follows the performances, offering the opportunity to discuss theater in translation, Ukrainian cultural heritage, and the current movement of Ukrainian artist-activists.

For more information on Slovo. Theater Group and how this performance came to be, please read our announcement.

Slovo. Theater Group is Audrey Rose Degez, Daria Holovchanska, Yuliia Linnik, Maksym Panchenko, Veronika Shuster, and Olesia Zakharova.

Mothermotherland Synopsis:
In Khyvylovy’s 1924 novella “I am (Romance),” the head of the local Cheka, a communist law enforcement agency, must decide whether or not to sentence his mother to death in the name of the ideals of the Commune. Khyvylovy lived, worked, and ultimately committed suicide at Slovo House, as a protest against the 1933 Soviet extermination of Ukrainian artists and intellectuals. [You can read an English translation of the short story I am (a Romantic) by Ukranian author Mykola Khyvyovy here.]

The performance is presented as a partnership by ArtYard and Colab Arts, the latter of which is Slovo. Theater Group’s fiscal sponsor.

Tickets for the performance are $20. Proceeds support Slovo. Theater Group. Additional donations can be made here to Slovo. Theater Group via Colab Arts. Please write “Ukraine” in the information box to ensure the funds are directed to Slovo Theater Group.

Location —
ArtYard's McDonnell Theater, 13 Front St., Frenchtown
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