Red Baraat

Red Baraat

Pioneering bhangra funk band mixes Bhangra, jazz, brass, and funk with the joyful energy of a Delhi street festival

Mar 10, 2024

ArtYard and the Frenchtown Bookshop are excited to announce that Red Baraat — a tornado of South Asian rhythms, brass band energy, and rowdy funk — will be performing at ArtYard’s McDonnell Theater at 7 PM on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

NPR captured an evening with Red Baraat: “Imagine a New Orleans street band playing Indian Bollywood tunes with a go-go beat. It’s a crazy blast of fun!” The band have brought their powerful music to the White House, Bannaroo, Lincoln Center, the Olympics,and headlined the WOMAD Festival.

A “baraat” is a wedding procession, in which the groom travels to the bride’s home on a magnificently decorated horse, preceded by a joyous marching band, dancing, and singing. Red Baraat is led by Sunny Jain, who plays the Dhol (a North Indian drum slung over one shoulder) and has performed on Broadway (“Bombay Dreams”) and film (“Accidental Husband,” with Uma Thurman). The band also includes a brass section, multiple percussionists, and a Sousaphone.

Their 2018 album, “Sound the People,” hit the top 10 on the World Music Charts Europe, and was described as “full of moments that hit with the force of a spiritual awakening.” (Stereogum). ArtYard is thrilled to present this groundbreaking high-octane band.


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