Late Shift: Tarot Night with Laetitia Barbier

Late Shift: Tarot Night with Laetitia Barbier

Jul 11, 2024
4pm — 7pm

Join Laetitia Barbier for a reading session as she’ll be shuffling cards from Kahn + Selesnick’s Carnival at the End of the World Tarot deck in ArtYard’s Laboratory Gallery. She’ll provide 10-minute readings, which will be tailored around you, your needs, and the query with which you need counseling.

Laetitia privileges a collaborative and conversational approach and will give you the space, voice, and guidance you need to hear the message from the cards.

Reservations for readings are required.


About Laetitia Barbier

Laetitia Barbier is a scholar, tarot reader, and teacher. She has worked with Morbid Anatomy from 2011 to 2024 as a programming director, head librarian, and occasional curator. Her book Tarot and Divination Cards: A Visual Archive was published in 2021 with a foreword by Rachel Pollack. She is the author of the Tiger Tarot Guide Book, a unique Tarot deck by symbolist artist Lori Field. Laetitia has lectured, taught, and read cards for various cultural institutions, such as Greenwood Cemetery, Fotografiska NY, the College of Psychic Studies in London, and the New York Public Library.

About the Carnival at the End of the World deck

Carnival at the End of the World Tarot is a contemporary tarot deck summoned from the same mythologies artist duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick have been exploring in their recent photographs, paintings, and book project. In 2006, their multimedia project Eisbergfreistadt included a poker deck that when laid out in a long line, revealed a panoramic narrative of climate change and environmental devastation. In 2017, as the stakes of the Great Game have grown greater and the Anthropocene has exponentially brought change and chaos to many lives around the world, they have moved from making cards for jovial pastimes to those for divination: the Tarot, which in its traditional uses has been consulted to forecast disaster, anticipate risk, and navigate life-choices through backstage access to the Unseen. However, worry not if you don’t wish to dabble in sortilege and oracular query to peruse a glimpse of what the future may have in store for you–you may also ruminate upon the cards one by one in a linear fashion, and meditate upon the views from the Fool’s Journey as one would read a Pilgrim’s Progress; or, just as seekers and wanderers once stowed painted icons and gilded relics in the pockets of their cloaks, the Tarot can be a portable trove of mystifying talismanic images to accompany, inspire and entertain you on your own peregrinations.

Kahn + Selesnick

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, both born in 1964, are a collaborative artist team who work primarily in the fields of photography and installation art. They specialize in fictitious histories set in both the past and future. The artists have participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions worldwide and have work in over 20 collections including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Institution. Portfolios of their work have appeared in fine art and photography magazines worldwide. They have lectured extensively at many institutions including Brown University, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Princeton University, and San Francisco Art Institute.