Coup D’espace Bienvenue-Welcome Workshop & Build

Coup D’espace Bienvenue-Welcome Workshop & Build

Jun 27, 2023
9am — 12pm

Coup D’espace is director-choreographer Stefanie Batten Bland’s reaction as a global artist and citizen to the present provocative political climate in which spaces and transformation can occur on a moment’s notice.

To kickoff Company SBB / Stefanie Batten Bland’s residency, the community is invited to join us for a workshop to create a conversation surrounding the current definition of walls, what they mean in neighborhood gentrification, how they are employed as cultural barriers and either invite or prevent access to borders.

Alongside Company SBB members, participants will use cardboard boxes collected as part of a cardboard drive with Frenchtown Elementary School and local businesses to create a mural that reflects the unique community of Frenchtown. What is made together will be fully integrated into the piece as the company transitions into performance.

Participants must be at least 13 years of age and able to move freely, sit, and stand. No previous dance or performance experience is necessary.