Conversation Series: Going to the Meadow (3rd of 4)

Conversation Series: Going to the Meadow (3rd of 4)

Moderated by Robin Hill & Ulla Warchol / BiolunarL

Going to the Meadow is a living exhibition, being created in real time and without the time lapse that typically exists between the making of art in the privacy of one’s studio and when it finds itself installed on gallery walls.

The artists participating in this exhibition are in residency for a week at a time and their studio is ArtYard’s second floor gallery, during which time the gallery is open to the public.

Please join us for a series of four conversations that take place after each group of artists have finished their residency and have gone home. We’ll take a closer look at the week long collaborations enacted by each group as well as provide insight into the curators’ translation process as we build a cumulative exhibition with the work created.

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