The Art of Breathing with Bonnie Pariser

The Art of Breathing with Bonnie Pariser

Jan 18, 2024
6pm — 7pm

Take a guided tour of While a Leaf Breathes (Mientras una Hoja Respira) then explore the profound impact of the seemingly simple act of breathing on our consciousness with Yoga Loka’s Bonnie Pariser.

In While a Leaf Breathes, Monge explores stomata — the pores through which plants breathe — as a metaphor for life and vulnerability. Exchanging air with the environment is key to the photosynthetic process of plants. However, every time these pores open to breathe, the plant risks losing water. There is vulnerability in opening up, and loss and nourishment must be balanced in order to stay alive. Her sculptures illuminate interspecies relationships and invite us to see how the human necessity to breathe is interwoven with the lives of plants and other organisms.

Following the tour, Bonnie will be our guide as we delve into the profound impact of the seemingly simple act of breathing on our consciousness. Through self-observation, we will actively explore and seek to understand the shifts occurring on the physical, energetic, and mental planes. Acquiring the skill to discern and note these transitions grants us the empowering ability to engage with this transformative shift precisely when it is needed most.

The benefits of this practice extend beyond our individual selves, as it contributes to the creation of a collective tapestry of peace that envelops not only our own beings but radiates outwards, influencing the world around us.

Join us in this exploration of breath, self-awareness, and the art of cultivating inner peace.

Workshop registration is $10. Participants are encouraged to bring yoga mats for comfort as this workshop takes place inside our gallery.