Big Screen Wonders Film Festival: Days of Heaven

Big Screen Wonders Film Festival: Days of Heaven

Jan 21, 2023

ArtYard’s Big Screen Wonders Film Festival is a series dedicated to films that demand a giant screen. The festival includes feature films and virtual conversations with artists behind the films to engage the audience. The films will be screened on ArtYard’s two-story-tall film screen in the McDonnell Theater on Saturday evenings in January.

The festival is curated by Joshua Handler, founder and programmer of Picturehouse 441, a series featuring intimate virtual Q&As with various filmmakers and actors.

The third film of the series is Days of Heaven.

Days of Heaven, Terrence Malick’s follow-up to Badlands, is one of the most visually stunning films ever produced. Working with master cinematographer Néstor Almendros (who won an Oscar for his work), Malick conjures painterly images so rich and fully realized that they boggle the mind. Intensely moving and emotionally rich with a score by the legendary Ennio Morricone, this Texas-set mini-epic demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible.


Days of Heaven

Director: Terrence Malick
Writers: Terrence Malick
Stars: Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard
Run Time: 1h 35m

A hot-tempered farm laborer convinces the woman he loves to marry their rich but dying boss so that they can have a claim to his fortune.