Banners & Cranks for Kids and their Grown-Ups.  (Day 3)

Nov 19, 2017

Sunday, Nov 19thBanners & Cranks for Kids and their Grown-Ups

 Banners and Cranks is a festival of cantastoria and cranky performance by artists and musicians from all over the United States. Cantastoria is the Italian word for an ancient performance form involving the theatrical display of paintings accompanied by sung narration. A precursor to modern puppet theater, this practice originated in 6th Century India and spread East and West, with many different variations in style and subject matter. This afternoon of cantastoria performances is geared towards family audiences, with live music, moving pictures, and lots of stories.

 Please visit to learn more about the performance form and the seven-year-old festival, coming to Frenchtown for the very first time!

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