ArtYard unearths The Memory Palace’s Frenchtown in miniature for Riverfest

ArtYard unearths The Memory Palace’s Frenchtown in miniature for Riverfest

Sep 4, 2022

We are delighted to announce the dreamlike scale model of Frenchtown ArtYard created for The Memory Palace: Frenchtown at 150ish will be on display at this year’s Riverfest, a street fair celebration of life along the river.

Visitors can walk among the recreations of Bridge and Race Street buildings and read the poem Skye Van Saun wrote to bring to life their stories at Sunbeam Lenape Park during the day-long festival on Sunday, Sept. 4.

A year after Frenchtown’s centennial, ArtYard mounted The Memory Palace: Frenchtown at 150ish as a meditation on collective memory, excavation, and place. We gathered histories of floods and fires, of dentists and casket makers, of dance halls and drunken brawls, and we commissioned Van Saun, a local poet, to write a poem about the inner life of every building along Bridge and Race streets. Artist Elsa Mora and architect Ulla Warchol designed and fabricated re-creations of each of these buildings. Mora painted the façade of the models and translated Van Saun’s poems into drawings affixed to their surface.

ArtYard will share space at Riverfest with Studio Route 29, a progressive art studio for artists with disabilities launching this fall. Alongside the buildings, Studio Route 29 will offer community artmaking at the festival and share information about their upcoming offerings.

Established in 2004, Riverfest features live music, art, food, family-friendly activities, and paper boat races with the Frenchtown Vikings, all with an ecologically and sustainability-focused lens.

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