Artist Talk with Kendall Buster, Ledelle Moe, Siemon Allen

Artist Talk with Kendall Buster, Ledelle Moe, Siemon Allen

Oct 29, 2023

Join us on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 29 following the opening of ArtYard’s fall exhibitions for a tour and artist talk with friends and fellow artists Kendall Buster, Ledelle Moe, and Siemon Allen delving into their creative processes and collaborations spanning South Africa and the United States. Following the talk, experience Kendall’s What Blooms and join the artists for a walk across the ArtYard campus to experience Ledelle’s Monuments.

Kendall’s work is featured in What Blooms, on view in ArtYard’s Lynn & John Kearney Gallery. Equally inspired by the monumental and the microscopic, her large-scale sculptures operate as scale models for imaginary places and converse with the particulars of existing built spaces.

Moe’s Monuments, five concrete and steel sculptures, have been on view since the opening of ArtYard Center in May 2021. These massive recumbent figures, immense and yet fragile, explore notions of monumentality, funerary statues and memorials. The sculptures are personal reflections on place, ground, and time, and incorporate aggregate from specific locations. The sculptures have weight, solidity, and structure, and yet are inherently modular and transient. Recurrent themes in her work are issues of permanence and impermanence, location and dislocation, and place and displacement.

The artist’s talk will be moderated by Allen, a South African artist whose work was recently on view in ArtYard’s Shoes: A Love Story.

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