Artist Talk with José Villalobos

Artist Talk with José Villalobos

Get an inside look inside Diseñando Masculinidades / Designing Masculinities

Jun 23, 2024

Join us at 2 PM on Sunday, June 23 for an artist talk with José Villalobos.

José Villalobos’ multimedia work conveys the effects of machismo within Norteño culture. His sculpture and performance display a nuanced and proud connection to his Mexican heritage, despite its perpetuation of violent undercurrents of homophobia.

During his residency at ArtYard, Villalobos will delve into the intricacies of vaquero boot design for a new body of work. Historically, cowboy boots have been synonymous with masculinity and power. And yet, their ornate, even flamboyant embroidery suggests something different. Diseñando Masculinidades explores this cultural tradition.

The artist talk will be held in ArtYard’s McDonnell Theater. Tickets for the talk are free as part of Frenchtown PRIDE Week.