Aqualumina Workshop: Medieval Fish

Aqualumina Workshop: Medieval Fish

Mar 2—3, 2024

Join us in the Aqualumina Workshop for a special art-making experience with artist Laura Bernstein.

Laura will lead workshop participants in creating illuminated Medieval fish puppets in preparation for the Aqualumina Festival on May 18, a riverside lantern festival involving music, dance, and inspiring lighting along the river’s edge celebrating water as a vulnerable resource, necessity, bellwether, and mirror of the sky.

Laura creates layered worlds that explore human and animal behavior, as well as mythologies of metamorphose. Her fish creations are inspired by Conrad Gessner’s 16th-century encyclopedias documenting medieval sea monsters, which blur the line between real and imaginary, and The Book of Miracles, an illustrated manuscript depicting miraculous phenomena and awesome apocalyptic visions of the 16th century, Hybrid Ecologies looks to the past — ancient and medieval mythology — to speculate on the future of our changing times.

Laura will offer four workshops, each open to 15-20 participants from 12 to 4 PM on Feb. 24-25 and March 2-3. The cost is $15.

The Aqualumina Workshop is a makerspace dedicated to the creation of costumes and props for the Aqualumina Festival on May 18. A revolving cast of creatives will host in constructing parasol jellyfish lanterns, glow-in-the-dark fish puppets, illuminated cardboard boats, coral reef hats, paper mache lanterns, and a roving river surrey to accompany the festivities in May. These constructions will accrete in the gallery like barnacles until May 18 when they will slide off together with the folks who made them to the festivities. The maker’s space will also feature a photo booth where participants may capture themselves in their aquatic finery.

Laura’s Miracle Tapestry project, a 100-foot-long, 12-foot-tall, hand-sewn tapestry chronicling the first 12 months of Covid-19 in the artist’s life, is on display in the Aqualumina Workshop.





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