Dear ArtYard Community,

It is with gratitude and deep appreciation for  Kandy Ferree’s myriad accomplishments at ArtYard over the last five years that I am writing to share with you some momentous news. As the new building is completed and programs are fully operational, Kandy and I have been having a series of deep conversations about options and roles. We believe we are both at a natural evolutionary stage where ArtYard is well established, the team is strong, and we are mutually poised for new opportunities.

As you all already know, her many significant achievements include overseeing the construction of the beautiful new building I am writing from, developing sorely needed systems and procedures to bring order, sense, and capable staffing to a wild creative improvisation, and attending to a thousand other challenges large and small, from moving a giant egg across the town to building a cob oven with her bare feet while applying her trademark intelligence and grit. Kandy will continue working at ArtYard until Nov. 11 to complete key pending projects and document procedures in order to assure an orderly transition. During this time we will be looking at how to design a new position for a successor taking into account the growth of our internal capacities that may necessitate a redefinition of the role. As soon as we have clarity about the organization’s emerging capacity needs we will post announcements on our website and social media.

Please join me in honoring and celebrating her fierce devotion to helping ArtYard grow into the strong, resilient, joyful and capable institution that it is today. Kandy will take a well-deserved break to rest, reflect, and recalibrate before returning to the social justice, non-profit and philanthropic consulting work that marked her career in the decades before joining the ArtYard team. Please join our staff and board in celebrating Kandy’s contributions to ArtYard and the greater Frenchtown community.

Jill Kearney
Executive Director