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Poetry on Demand.

O n April 23rd and again on May 20th, 2017, ArtYard began experimenting with events involving live poets stationed at banks of manual typewriters and members of the public who sat down to share their memories, stories, wishes, and sorrows. Some visitors commissioned...

Absolute Beginners.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS By Jill Kearney Founder and Executive Directorof ArtYard I read recently of the impending opening of the Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, Sweden. I recognized immediately the launch of a kindred institution, and I hope to visit it one day. ArtYard...

Welcome to ArtYard!

By JILL KEARNEY Founder and Executive Director of ArtYard. Welcome to ArtYard I have held many jobs in my life, from waitress and chambermaid to Hollywood executive, from journalist and editor to aspiring novelist to board member of an organic meat company. I did all...

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