ArtYard’s gallery is now open for Going to the Meadow, the second of two inaugural-year exhibitions in our new building in Frenchtown.

Curated by Robin Hill and Ulla Warchol / BiolunarL, Going to the Meadow is a living exhibition, staged in four parts, and borrows a musical term to examine the essence of collaboration at this moment in time. As we continue to navigate distinct and diverse challenges related to the pandemic, coupled with a renewed urgency to confront systems of oppression and racism that permeate our society, further compounded by the looming climate crisis, we are in a moment of necessary paradigm shifts in all aspects of our lives.

The exhibition invites 16 artists to engage in tactile, verbal, and conceptual dialogues with one another, employing a curated set of materials to make their conversations visible. They begin with the question: What is it we collectively care about?

The artists will be in residence at ArtYard in four cohorts of four every other week through November. They come from diverse backgrounds from across the United States and work in an array of disciplines — painting, social practice, sculpture, installation, photography, poetry among them.

Cohort One (September 16 – 20):
Lisa Rybovich Crallé, SHENEQUA, Iris Cushing, Shayok Mukhopadhyay

Cohort Two (September 30 – October 4):
Ramekon O’Arwisters, Hannah Chalew, Joanne Douglas, Andrew Sullivan

Cohort Three (October 14 – 18):
Carmen Argote, Milcah Bassel, Angela Willetts, Yvonne Shortt

Cohort Four (October 28 – November 1):
Anna Mayer, Sophia Wang, Dahlia Elsayed, Minoosh Zomorodinia

Spontaneity and collaboration

Unfolding in real time, Going to the Meadow aspires to prioritize process over outcome, the collective over the individual, play over work. Artists will be encouraged to embrace success and failure equally. Not-knowing, spontaneity and collaboration are the driving forces of the exhibition.

Through the practice of replenishing the gallery with a curated set of materials in advance of each new cohort’s arrival, the curators are staging an experiment in spontaneous making. As the artists explore multiple modes of exchange, perspectives shift and are collected, traded, and acted upon.

As curators, Hill and Warchol define their roles broadly to include facilitation, interpretation and translation of the artists’ visualizations.

The work produced will culminate into one large-scale installation in November.

Plan your visit

Visitors are welcome to stop by the gallery during open hours to observe the artists at work and play, as well as to engage with a study-based installation, sourced from the artists’ individual practices, in the lower gallery. The gallery is open 11 AM to 5 PM on Wednesdays through Sundays.

All vaccine-eligible visitors should be prepared to show proof of vaccination, as well as valid identification. Visitors with a health-related exemption should notify the gallery attendant. Children not eligible for vaccination can visit wearing a mask. Visitors who cannot show proof of vaccinations are welcome to enjoy our outdoor offerings.

Admission to our gallery is free.

Our wish is that you come to the meadow with us and come often.