Pamela Hetherington is a Philadelphia tap dancer and choreographer who creates her art and lives her life improvisationally, in the tradition of jazz.

She creates inventive work for The Philadelphia Jazz Tap Ensemble that cuts across tap dance, jazz music, poetry, body percussion, and Philadelphia jazz history and is the recipient of multiple awards from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the City of Philadelphia. Her choreography has been presented at Stam-Pede/Symphony Space, Dixon Place, The Philadelphia Jazz Project, Jazz Bridge, and The Barnes Foundation. A fourth-generation Philadelphian and a dance educator for over twenty years, she established her studio, Sound
Space Performing Arts in 2015 as an urban dance conservatory with an emphasis on preserving the connection between percussive dance forms and live music. In Fall 2021, she will join Jacob’s Pillow year-long Curriculum in Motion program as a choreographer.

Instagram: @pamelahetherington


The Philadelphia Jazz Tap Ensemble
Sep 26, 2021 @ 4pm
The Philadelphia Jazz Tap Ensemble
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