Cecilia Paredes is a Peruvian photographer noted for her images of camouflaged bodies against patterned surfaces. Born in 1950 in Lima, Peru, she studied art at the Catholic University of Lima and at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England.

She is best known for her ongoing photographic series in which she explores the visual juxtaposition of her painted body with the patterns and surface below it: Paredes composes these photographs by selecting a patterned ground, such as floral wallpaper, and intricately paints her skin to match. The unavoidable contours of her body thus hide and reveal her form, depending on the camera angle. She has been awarded the First Mention of Honor at the Biennial Centro America in 2002 and was an international guest artist at the Ibero American Art Fair FIA in Caracas. Paredes now lives and works in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Philadelphia, PA.



Through the Unfrequented Sky
Through the Unfrequented Sky
Mar 25—Jun 10, 2017
  • Exhibition
Through the Unfrequented Sky