Brandon Kazen-Maddox is a Grandchild of Deaf Adults (GODA) and third-generation native signer of American Sign Language (ASL) who identifies as a Nonbinary, Black Indigenous Person of Color and a member of the LGBTQAI+ community. Brandon is an ASL Artist, choreographer, director, dancer, actor, acrobat, and activist. Brandon has also spent the last 10 years as a professional ASL interpreter.

Brandon creates work with and for the Deaf and Disability communities, and highlights and empowers BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ artists, building bridges of collaboration and community among people of all backgrounds and abilities. In May 2019, Brandon graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with an MFA in Dance and New Technology. In the summer of 2020, Brandon co-founded Up Until Now Collective, an arts and media company that focuses on developing and producing radically inclusive inter-disciplinary work.



Brandon Kazen-Maddox’s (FREEDOM)
Apr 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm
Brandon Kazen-Maddox’s (FREEDOM)
  • Performance
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