Come for a sandwich at the pop-up ArtYard Luncheonette, get to know ArtYard staff, and let’s imagine what could make our great town even greater. Located just outside the theater entrance, the Luncheonette provides an opportunity for conversations and community over a bite to eat. Sign up for your one-on-one lunch with a member of the ArtYard team. We’ll take turns as lunch dates over the next few months. We can’t wait to meet you!

You are invited to pack a lunch or order a $5 takeout sandwich (we’ll be in touch to confirm your order).

You’re also invited to bring an object along that vibrates with meaning, affection, or memory to share with your lunch date who will reciprocate in kind. You might love an object because it is ridiculous, beautiful, or perfectly imperfect. You might treasure it because your mother knit it lovingly in a color you would never wear. Polaroids will be taken of you and your lunch date with your respective objects, and a small gallery of images will grow over time. Objects should be smaller than 12” square, and will go home with you, leaving only a polaroid behind. If you wish you may also answer a prompt about something you would like to see in Frenchtown, ArtYard, or the world. Your dining partner will record your order on a menu pad.

These wishes and images of beloved objects will accrue in the gallery over the coming months. Friendships might ensue. Unexpected synchronies. It is impossible to predict!

Sign up here!

Bon appetit!