62A Trenton Ave. Frenchtown, NJ 08825


Works by Lois Andison and Ken Nicol
Curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora
Special thanks to Olga Koper Gallery

Opening reception: Saturday – June 24th, 2017          6:00 PM-8:00 PM               

Final day: Sunday – Sept 10th, 2017

ArtYard is pleased to present Ordinary Obsessions, an exhibition in which two playful minimalists encounter the banality and mystery of material culture, lived experience, and time. Motivated by the questions of ordinary life an the mystery behind every action, Toronto-based artists Ken Nicol and Lois Andison consider everyday objects and verbal expressions that are hiding in plain sight. They explore issues of fragility, intimacy, introspection, and loss in a dialogue that is by turns unsettling, melancholic, comical and profound.

Lois Andison’s works include texts, sculptures, installations, and video projections. Her work is often kinetic and performative, but it is also literary, objectifying language in cascading visual puns. Her Plexiglass and paper sculpture, timeline II, is a portrait of the artist depicted as a thin paper trail documenting her health, financial status, places of residence and correspondence with family and friends.

Timeline by Lois Andison

Ken Nicol’s wry drawings, assembled objects, and sculptures chronicle a compulsive nature grappling with absurdities. Nicol spent ten years collecting the 100 Big Ben clocks in this exhibit, setting and winding them obsessively while producing such works as This is Your Life and It’s Ending One Minute at a Time. As the critic Murray Whyte writes, “Nicol is an old school conceptualist, fusing an absurdist glee with quotidian ritual and everyday things: counting this, ordering that, and trying with Sisyphean hilarity to impose structure on the persistent entropy of life.”

ellipsis by Ken Nicol

Ordinary Obsessions is the fourth exhibition at ArtYard since it’s inception in September of 2016. ArtYard is a contemporary art center based in Frenchtown, New Jersey, founded by a group of artists, writers, curators, and friends. Its campus of repurposed factories includes a theater and film program, an artist residency and art exhibition spaces.


Lois Andison is a sculptor/installation artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Her art practice ranges from kinetic sculpture where she uses movement to initiate an experience/exchange between the viewer and the work, through video and photography which she uses to document and interpret both time and motion. The latter approach can be seen in her year-long time-lapse of an urban garden and through her motion studies that are observations of the still and the moving. Her sculptural works address the mediated body and the performative and often involve an element of humor. Lately, her conceptual interests in language as a medium and kinetic type as movement have led her to incorporate text in her sculptures. Lois has exhibited nationally and internationally including such cities as Mexico City, Boston, New York, Montreal, Lethbridge and Buffalo. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and her work is part of both private and corporate collections.


“Ken Nicol’s work is part savant and part madness; using everyday objects to the extreme he creates work that boggles the imagination. With simple tools, like Bic pens, tape, and fine markers, he runs them through a grueling, time dense process that only ends when the pens, or rolls expire. He combines the obsessive talents of a collector, with a keen observational talent of seeing art in common things and daily life, and then is able to create the tools (his work) for us to see it too. Genuine, humble and moving” (Todd Falkowsky via The Canadian Design Resource).

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Press Release. Ordinary Obsessions

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